How to Draw a Football – Easy Steps to Draw Football

How to Draw a Football

Learn how to draw a beautiful football with cool drawings instructions easily and a step-by-step tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful football design. Football is a member of a sports family that includes football, rugby, and Australian football. The teams try to pass the ball through the opponent’s goal in each match.


Football-like kicks have been around for thousands of years. Football -like organized games- was played in China and Greece – and perhaps in Rome – over 2000 years ago. During the 14th and 15th centuries, a match calls Folk Football to play in Europe during the Easter season. The villages would compete with other villages, trying to pass the ball in order – the doors of the opposite village church.


This game can have pre-Christian religious ties as a ritual of fertility. Several governments sometimes prohibit popular football due to material damage and violence. Football suffered a renovation in Renaissance-era Italy. The rectangular limits were introduced, and the aristocrats appreciated the game.


Football and Rugby evolved as a game played by school teams. Later, football – often called “Gridiron football” due to the spacing of white lines uniformly on the floor – was born from Rugby and became the biggest spectator sport in the United States.


Football Drawing

Football itself has also transformed over the years. Anterior soccer balls were made of leather or swollen animal bladders. It is why football is sometimes called “pork skin.” The oldest football dated from the 1500s and was discovered on the roof of a European castle in the 1990s.


Today, soccer balls are made of plastic, rubber, and cow leather. The form less than football or Canadian call “prolating spheroid.” Do you want to draw a soccer ball? This simple tutorial and football step-by-step are there to show how. All you need is a pencil, a sheet of paper and a rubber.


Drawing a Cartoon Football

  • Start by drawing a long curved line, like the top of a circle. It will form the top of football.
  • Draw a long curved line to form a mirrored image of the first line, around the form of cartoon football completely. The lines should connect to soft points at each end.
  • Draw a pair of parallel, folded, almost vertical lines, almost one end of cartoon football. These form the characteristic band of football.
  • Draw another set of curved lines parallel to the opposite football extreme, forming the other band.
  • Draw two horizontal lines curved near the summit in the middle of football. Then connect the lines at each end using short lines. This form launches the base of the characteristic seams of football.
  • Draw another curved line in the center of the drawn form in the previous step. Then use short lines to include curved shapes crossing the original shape. Delete the guidelines if necessary. These forms represent the seams of football.
  • Draw additional curves, adding more points. Delete the guidelines if necessary.
  • Draw some curved shapes, filling the base of the end-to-end. Delete the guidelines if necessary.
  • Draw two curved lines along the length of a football. Note how the lines do not cross scratches or seams.
  • Color your football. American football balls are usually brown with white or tanned stripes and seams.

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