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We are proud to be one of the few platforms encouraging genuine writing passion. If you are a budding writer or in search of a major platform to put your ideas out into the world, Lord Geek is happy to help. 

We have a large team of writers, freelancers, and editors who put in all the effort to research and create informative articles and guides that are read by a lot of visitors every day. And their work gets acknowledged too.


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We believe in growing with like-minded individuals. On our platform, you can get the chance to be an Author.

Looks promising? Read how

Lord Geek has come up with its own ‘Author Program’. Any author or writer from anywhere in the world can be a part of this program for free. Get your work published on our platform that gives you organic reach to more than 30K traffic from multiple countries and build your own author profile.

Process ✅

  1. Send us your UNIQUE piece of writing over email at [email protected]. Use the subject- “For Author Program”. Make sure your article meets the minimum word limit of 800 words. No links are allowed.
  2. Our on-site team of writers and editors will proofread and do quality checks.
  3. Once approved, it will be published on our website with you as the author.
  4. Thereafter, you will receive your free author profile that you can use to publish your articles whenever you want.
  5. We will only review the content before it gets published.
  6. Your author profile will also have your official social media links
  7. Using your author profile, you can easily manage and promote your work.

**Only Genuine Writers Are Allowed**

Bonus✨: Your articles will also receive appreciation in the form of followers.


  1. Avoid topics already covered on the website to gain more readers.
  2. Try to keep your article informative and useful for our readers (your future followers).
  3. Writing research-based SEO-friendly articles can get you more acknowledgement.
  4. Storytelling is the most engaging way to communicate with your readers.
  5. Promote your published work on your social media as a Lord Geek author.