How to Increase your Instagram Followers Every Day?

In today’s blog, I will tell you how you can increase your Instagram followers every day. Because it happens with many people, once their number of followers increases, they do not increase every day.

You can grow on Instagram only when you gain a few new followers every day. Because in today’s time, almost everyone uses Instagram. Some people entertain people by creating content, while some people just like to watch content.

Why is having more Instagram followers important?

If you do not know why every creator wants to increase their followers. There is only one answer to this, and that is money and fame. You must be thinking that if you have more followers, then you will get fame, but how can you earn money? 

The answer is brand promotions. If there is a creator who is known and followed by a lot of people, then brands will promote their services or products through that creator. They let them use those products for free, and the creators got paid for this work.

Some Instagram facts you should know

  • There are more than 1.4 billion monthly active users on Instagram every month.
  • If it comes to monthly traffic, Instagram is in 5th place. 
  • People between the ages of 18 and 34 are the most active on Instagram. 
  • Instagram is number two among the most downloaded apps. 
  • Most of the influence marketing is done on this social media platform.

Don’t copy, take ideas

Whether you want to rank your website or you want to increase your Instagram followers, It is very important for the content to be informative or entertaining. 

That’s why you have to create content like this, but it should not look like you are copying someone else’s content. Because by doing this, your followers may not increase, but they can definitely decrease. 

If you do not understand what content to create, then you can get an idea by observing the content of other creators. You just don’t create the exact content.

Encourage more people to give you a shoutout

You can also encourage other creators to give you a shoutout to increase your Instagram followers. If you don’t know the shoutout, then I will tell you. In this, whatever username you put on your story is called “giving a shoutout.” 

The best way to increase followers is to post regularly because you can get more followers even within a day. Because when someone gives you a shoutout, and their story is seen by 500 or more people. and even if 5% of those users follow your account, It will grow your followers. 

But for this, you have to make good connections with the creators of more followers. And your content should also be entertaining or informative. Only then will you be able to reap the benefits of this method. 

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Reels can do the magic

The feature of Instagram Reels was launched in 2021. In which your videos are shown in the ratio of 9:16. Earlier, the video limit was only 15 seconds. But now you can also upload a one-and-a-half minute reel. 

The more engagement you can get by uploading reels, the more you can get by posting normally. This is because when you post reels, there are a lot of chances that they will also be visible to those users who do not follow your account. 

That is, both likes and followers can grow on your reels. This is the reason that every single creator—even brands—now makes reels. With this, you can increase your Instagram followers in less time.

The best way to use hashtags

Twitter and Instagram are two such social media platforms on which hashtags are used a lot. And by using them, you can show your post to a lot more people. 

If I am not wrong, then many of you either do not use hashtags or you must be searching on Google and copying them from there. You take the idea of hashtags from Google, but before using them, you must check some things. 

Use only hashtags that are relevant to your niche and content. Because if someone wants to see the content by searching for those hashtags, then that is your target audience. And there will be a lot of chances that he will follow you.

Be consistent in posting content

See, if you want more people to follow your account and get more likes on your posts. So for this, you have to post content every day. And here it is for every social media platform. 

Because if you put content according to your mind, then your audience will feel that you are putting content only to increase your followers and not to entertain them. So make it a point to post one piece of content every day. 

With this, the Instagram algorithm also boosts your posts. Because the reels algorithm boosts the creators who consistently put out quality content. 

And if you do not provide content to your audience for a long time, they can unfollow you and watch someone else’s content.

Publish content at the right time

Suppose you run a street food shop but you close your shop in the evening and open it only during the day. So will your sales increase? Because most people like to eat street food only in the evening when they get time. 

Therefore, if you also post content at a time when most people are sleeping or offline, then your post will reach fewer people. So choose the time to post your content according to the demographics of your target audience.


This blog is a bit long, but all the methods mentioned in it are effective. If you put content using this method, then I am sure that you will be able to increase your Instagram followers. 

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