CureMD EHR Software Top Main Features

CureMD EHR is a complete electronic health record designed for physicians to quickly access patient information. Its intuitive design simplifies monotonous job processes and makes client medical information available online. The CureMD EHR software is compatible with iOS devices, allowing physicians to practice from anywhere. Moreover, the software connects with many healthcare networks and systems, making it easy for physicians to share data with multiple stakeholders.

Listed below are some of its key features:

CureMD EHR Software Features


The CureMD EHR software platform helps providers to manage patient data and interact with patients in real-time. The system also allows for secure access to patient health records. Its patient portal allows patients to communicate with their physicians, receive test results, request prescription refills, and check medical information. It provides a convenient, stress-free patient experience. CureMD EHR software also allows for integration with pharmacies, drug knowledge bases, medication reconciliation, and restricted substance e-prescribing. The company’s EHR software platform connects with thousands of pharmacies across the country.

Another key feature of CureMD EHR software is its ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple healthcare industry platforms and systems. Because of its high level of interoperability, CureMD EHR software allows for seamless information exchange between healthcare providers and other stakeholders. Users can access patient data anywhere at any time from their computers and smartphones. The software also allows physicians to access patient information on the go from any location.

Another feature that makes CureMD EHR software so convenient for physicians is its ability to integrate with different types of labs. With this advanced technology, patients can access results and orders through email. The system’s built-in laboratory integration capabilities can help improve patient care, including letting physicians know about any abnormal lab results. Moreover, CureMD’s EHR software is easy to integrate with current practices.

CureMD Cardiology EHR is one of the leading EHRs for cardiologists. It features integrated practice management, a patient portal, device interoperability, laboratory interfaces, and reporting capabilities. The system’s user interfaces with leading cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment devices provide a seamless patient experience. The patient portal acts as a doorway to a practice’s online presence. It also achieves patient engagement goals.


The online implementation portal from CureMD ensures a quick and easy transition to EHRs. It serves as a discovery guide for any practice, no matter how big or small. While many other industry giants require 11 weeks of implementation, CureMD can be implemented within four to six weeks. The process allows for staff familiarization and revenue to be retained throughout the transition. But it is not so fast that practice is forced to turn away prospective patients and revenue.

CureMD is a cloud-based electronic health record that handles a wide variety of administrative and clinical tasks, including patient documentation. The company offers a wide range of features to help streamline the entire practice, including a document manager and iPad app. Users also benefit from automated, efficient billing and streamlined claims submission. And with no setup fees and an annual collection rate of under 2%, CureMD is an excellent choice for many providers.

The CureMD EHR software enables doctors to connect with their patients, pharmacists, and payers. Its comprehensive features include color-coding for scheduling physicians and specialty equipment, family/group scheduling, recurring appointments, and chain scheduling. Moreover, the EHR software integrates with thousands of pharmacies around the country. This means that physicians can access patients’ information anytime, anywhere. And for those who are concerned about compliance, CureMD EHR is a good choice.

As an integrated EHR system, CureMD allows users to access their patient’s medical history and communicate with them in real-time while maintaining industry standards and security practices. CureMD EHR software also helps physicians stay ahead of the technology curve and maximize patient value. And a great number of medical professionals rely on the CureMD EHR Software to enhance their practice and stay on top of the technological curve.


The customizability of CureMD EHR software is one of the features that make it stand out from the competition. The program is designed to reflect the workflow of your practice, and it also provides features such as mobile access to patient medical history. The program also supports real-time communication with your patients. It is also compliant with modern security practices and standards. Additionally, CureMD EHR software is agile and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your specialty or practice.

CureMD’s award-winning cloud-based EMR software was developed by physicians for physicians, and it was recognized as one of the top twenty EHRs in Medical economics. It is designed to the needs of physicians and provides specialty-rich content and decision-support tools. This EHR software helps you meet regulatory standards, improve patient care, and maximize returns on your investment. Besides being highly customizable, CureMD offers a number of customization tools to suit your practice workflow.

For smaller practices, CureMD EHR software offers an affordable monthly subscription model that includes free updates. In addition to customizable features, CureMD also offers a mobile app for iPhones and iPad that provides full management of patient records and appointments. The CureMD EHR software is compatible with major health information systems, allowing physicians to share patient data with the right stakeholders. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and navigate and allows users to customize the software to their practices’ needs.

CureMD also offers medical billing software. This means that your practice can choose to handle the billing process in-house or outsource it to a third-party revenue management company. CureMD is a great option for practices that want to handle medical billing in-house, or for those who prefer to outsource the process. It is also easy to set up a billing process with the CureMD software, and it is designed to support multiple payment types.


The CureMD EHR Software provides medical practices with the tools they need to stay competitive and ahead of the competition. This solution features a variety of features, including mobile and web-based access to patient records. Additionally, the software allows you to communicate with patients in real-time and adhere to current standards and security practices. Whether you’re a small specialty clinic or a large hospital, CureMD will keep your practice up to date.

The CureMD EHR software integrates with multiple healthcare industry systems and platforms. This allows physicians to share information with multiple stakeholders and seamlessly hand off information. CureMD EHR software can be easily customized to accommodate the needs of any type of user and workflow. The platform can be customized for various types of workflows, from those who perform patient records to those who are responsible for billing. In addition, the CureMD EHR also integrates with multiple other applications, including billing, analytics, and reporting.

CureMD EHR Software is priced at $295 per provider, which includes support and expert training. The software is cloud-based and has a variety of reporting options. Additionally, CureMD has a 24/7 customer service team that’s available to answer questions. And finally, the software offers customizable billing and scheduling. This means that physicians can easily customize CureMD to meet their practice’s unique needs and budget.

The CureMD EHR software is a flexible, affordable, and customizable solution. CureMD claims to be the only all-in-one EHR solution for over 35 specialties. The CureMD EHR Software does not offer a free trial period, but you can sign up for a Practice Management plan, which will help you manage patient data and make financial decisions more easily. CureMD also offers an iOS app for users to do tasks related to their practice on the go.


CureMD EHR Software is certified cloud-based and includes features for patient portal, practice management, and revenue cycle management. The ease of use, streamlined workflow, and modern security features of CureMD help physicians and their teams make better decisions, improve patient care, and stay compliant. This software enables physicians and staff to manage patient information, stay ahead of the curve, and maximize returns on their investment. CureMD offers point-and-click customization and support for your unique practice workflow. You can access patient records, view a history, communicate with patients, and stay current with industry standards and best practices. CureMD is an intuitive electronic health record (EHR) software solution for small and mid-sized medical practices.

Another CureMD EHR Software benefit is the ability to use the software on any Internet-based device. CureMD offers an integrated medical billing solution for more than 32 healthcare specialties. CureMD’s integrated medical billing solution reduces errors and optimizes profits. It is also compatible with web-based devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It also features a patient portal.